Why Your Business Needs A Consultant

December 20, 2015




If you are a small business owner you might never have considered the possibility of hiring a talented business consultant?

Some small business owners often think of consultants as a luxury only reserved for large companies, however, they couldn’t be more wrong. Combining specialised expertise with a broad view of business activities, a consultant can bring powerful insights to grow your business, with none of the financial overheads of hiring an equally qualified employee.

Consulting services offer you valuable insights that you can start using right away – not months or years from now – to multiply your income. And this service is tailor-made for your business, your market and your goals. A worthy consultant can be your business’s best friend.

A small business can choose to use business consulting covering areas such as HR, accounting, IT and technology. 

From my personal experience working with my clients, attracting and retaining customers is the number one problem for most businesses. Therefore, successful marketing activities are an essential requirement for business growth.

Unfortunately, many small business owners can’t afford full-time marketing person, making outsourcing a potentially viable option.

The right marketing consultant for your business should have a high level of expertise in your industry and be able to bring in fresh ideas as well as tried and true advice on how to develop:

An Overall Marketing Strategy

A marketing consultant can work with your business to establish and implement an overall marketing strategy based on factors such as your overall business goals, your products or services, your target users or clients and your company’s role in relation to the competition.

Individual Marketing Campaigns and Business Promotion (including actual implementation) 

A marketing consultant can also design and implement individual marketing campaigns and provide general advice on promoting your business through activities such as:

Social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

EDM (email marketing)

Website design

Content creation including blog posts, videos, e-magazines

Press releases

Seminars and workshops

Cross promotion through affiliate marketing with other businesses

If you are considering to hire a business consultant in order to grow your small business I would love to help! 

Start the journey today by filling out the New Client Intake Questionnaire which has been designed to assist you to begin to gain insights and develop an understanding of your current reality, both personal and business, prior to your first session. 

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